Welcome to NYAA Cheering. Below you will find details on who is eligible to cheer, our policies and all important information you should need. We just wrapped up our Fall Football season but will open for registrations in May for the following year's season. We would love to have you join our squad. Please feel free to reach out with any questions at the contact link below.

Proud to announce we will be headed to COMPETITIONS again this year!!


Competitions are NOT mandatory. should your child choose to participate in them, we do need to know by September 1. you MAY NOT just join the "competition" portion of cheer. You must participate in one of our youth cheer programs, whether it be football or wrestle cheer.

The competitions will be 2-3 weekend days in November - and be completed before Thanksgiving. The competition dates have not been announced yet.

Please consider participating in competition. Our goal is to build the program to be a sideline/competition program. Where it all comes together and the girls do both automatically. The girls really enjoyed it! It is something FOR THEM. It's a day that is ALL about the girls! We cheer our teams to "Victory" each week at the games. The girls learned a lot last year with their first compeition - dedication and hard work can pay off! Although we did not all place, we didn't come in last. The girls knew it was all for them. If there were trophies or medals handed out - THEY earned it! Please see the director or any coach for more info or questions you may have.

There is a Cheer/Comp combo option available this year. You can register for just cheer, and decide to join comp at a later date. However, you MUST cheer football or wrestling to be eligible for competitions. You must fill out the registration form for comp. There is a comp fee this year of $40.

Shoes & socks will be ordered as an organization - We will have a shoe/sock fitting gatherings!

Keep your eye out for info on this!!

Registration for CHEER will be open from 5/1/22 - 6/15/23

Registration for COMP will be open from 5/1/22 - 9/1/23


We have 4 squads aligned with the NYAA Youth Football teams.

Squads will be determined by the following grade levels for upcoming school year/season.  The ages below are NOT set in stone. Girls may be moved to a squad based on participation numbers or as needed.

  • TINY TIGERS: Kindergarten
  • TIGERETTES: 1st Grade
  • JV: 2nd & 3rd Grade
  • VARSITY: 4th, 5th & 6th Grade

Fundraising and Volunteering:

Fundraising and volunteering for cheering is mandatory for all families throughout the season. More information on the 2023 Cheering Volunteering and Fundraising will be posted near the time of sign-ups (May 2023).


Starting date is August 1, practices will be held on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (for ALL squads).  Practices for ALL squads will switch to only Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:30pm once school starts. Practices will be held at the Weisenberg Fields, off of Bachelor Rd.

Squads will learn cheers and a dance routine(s) based on skill levels. Uniforms, bows, poms, & warm-up jackets are supplied to the girls, however; additional items such as shoes, socks, bloomers, & PLAIN black leggings will be required. Some items can be purchased through fundraising. Football games are on Saturdays or Sundays from September to early November with a mix of home and away games.

If you have any additional questions or would like to volunteer, please contact the Cheering Director:



Valerie Missmer, Cheerleading Director