The Tiger's Heart Program is designed to provide financial assistance to qualified families who could not otherwise afford participation in the NYAA organization.

The Tiger's Heart Program is solely managed by the NYAA, funding it through donations from other NYAA families, local business, grants and the NYAA general fund. The Executive Board will review and approve/reject all requests prior to the start of each season.

Eligibility guidelines tend to follow income levels defined for federal free & reduced lunch programs, though the board will consider other circumstances as necessary.

Eligibility will be evaluated for each season, and prior qualification does not guarantee future qualification. Families must provide proof of current income including, but not limited to, W2 and monthly pay stubs for the prior two months. Families are also expected to fulfill volunteer commitments.

If these commitments are not met, the NYAA reserves the right to revoke and reverse the monetary support privilege, requiring the member to reimburse all program fees.

If you would like to be considered for the Tiger's Heart Program, please email for more information.